Robertson County’s Teachers Enthusiastically Endorse Proffitt for House!

Jun 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

The professional association representing about one thousand (1000) Robertson County educators endorses Larry Proffitt for House District 66 of the Tennessee General Assembly! Nicki Fields remarked, “After the process followed by the local association Fund for Children in Public Education (FCPE) Committee, it was clear that Larry Proffitt not only knew education issues, but he also understood many issues affecting the county as a whole. He spoke with passion about all issues for which he was questioned and enlightened our committee members as to many other issues in need of attention and how they affect us at the local level! We have sent our full endorsement to our state association for a candidate who knows how to speak with the everyday citizens of our county and knows how to work successfully with legislators in both parties. He has spent his entire allotment of snow days and personal relief days over the past six years working in the legislature to help Tennessee’s children and citizens. With our backing, we believe he can accomplish even more!”

The same news stories of the past 4 years are the same today. Millions of taxpayer dollars spent on standardized testing that cannot be delivered. Let's put this archaic practice to rest. It has never been a method of improving education. Assessments done at this level should be diagnostic.

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