Larry Proffitt

Your NeighborAn Experienced Educator who advocates for students, parents, and teachers

Larry is a second-career educator answering his call to teach in the public schools of Tennessee. He follows in the footsteps of his Mammaw, Mable Denton Proffitt, who taught from 1936-1978. Larry is married to Lori Ann, his wife of 33+ years, and they have a son who graduated proudly from the Tennessee public school system. For the past eight (8) years, he has spent every snow day and spring break days visiting the General Assembly and working with various legislators to help make sure the voice of his students, peers and neighbors were heard. He is passionate about being a teacher and helping his students, as well as all of Tennessee students. His concerns about the disconnect between his friends and neighbors and lack of government accountability has inspired him to begin a movement aimed at returning the government to the citizens of Robertson County.

The same news stories of the past 4 years are the same today. Millions of taxpayer dollars spent on standardized testing that cannot be delivered. Let's put this archaic practice to rest. It has never been a method of improving education. Assessments done at this level should be diagnostic.

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