A Dedicated Tennessean to Represent the People of Robertson County

Larry Proffitt is a dedicated Tennessee educator and citizen who spends his personal spare time fighting for the citizens of Robertson County!

A vote for Larry Proffitt will be a vote for……

  • an advocate for your students, parents, and educators that fight for their schools!
  • A dedicated Tennessee citizen who’ll work for quality jobs with a living wage!
  • A passionate Tennessean fighting for a great education system for all students, not the interests of corporations, foundations or lobbying firms seeking to treat our children as business outcomes!
  • A representative who would never turn his constituents away. Political commitments should never outrank the voice of the people of Robertson County!
  • Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork! Partisan politics and unstable leadership have led to poor representation of Tennessee’s citizens!
  • A legislator who has worked successfully with members of both parties to defeat poor legislation and pass improved legislation!


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Be the change you wish to see in the world!  – Gandhi


The same news stories of the past 4 years are the same today. Millions of taxpayer dollars spent on standardized testing that cannot be delivered. Let's put this archaic practice to rest. It has never been a method of improving education. Assessments done at this level should be diagnostic.

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